Childhood Adversity

Good emotional health and wellbeing is essential for infants, children and young people. It supports them to grow, develop, learn, achieve and enjoy their life to the full. In Scotland, one in 10 children starting school is reported to have social, emotional or behavioural difficulties and it is estimated that each class may have as many as five children with additional support needs. Childhood adversity impacts upon mental health and wellbeing with some groups of children and young people facing especially high risks.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) impact on population health, on inequalities in health and on the wellbeing of our population. ACEs can affect people across the life-course, having implications for children, young people, adults and older people. Experiences of childhood adversity can have direct and indirect impacts on how we respond to stress, our resilience and our ability to form lasting relationships. As a result, ACEs impact on our society and contribute to demands across all our public services. Understanding the impact of ACEs and how we can prevent and respond to adversity in childhood will help us improve wellbeing and address some of the most persistent and complex inequalities in health (Polishing Our Gems Conference 2016).

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