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Child Protection

  1. COVID-19 Supplementary Child Protection Guidance
  2. Child Protection Committees Scotland – Keeping Connected Issue 20: 11 August 2020
  3. Child Protection Health Team – Advice and support for all staff
  4. Royal College of General Practitioners on COVID and Safeguarding
  5. ScotGov Supplementary National Child Protection Guidance
  6. CJ Child Poverty Neglect and Coronovirus
  7. Scottish Government – Keeping Children Safe from Neglect – link to follow
  8. Crime Stoppers – Child Abuse and Neglect – link to follow

Educational Resources

  1. Link to Cala elearning zone learning and development
  2. NES Wellbeing Planning Tool 
  3. ScotGov Parent Club Stakeholder Communications Toolkit 8 April 2020
  4. Silent Solution Video 
  5. April 2020 Domestic abuse toolkit
  6. Primary Care support resources – self care during COVID-19 communications toolkit
  7. North Ayrshire course – information to support those temporarily working with children and families
  8. Online module on Keeping Children Safer Online

Mental Health Resources

  1. Health Scotland Partners COVID-19 advice for supporting children & young people
  2. Guidance for Parents and Carers
  3. Looking After our Mental Wellbeing during COVID-19 printable
  4. Looking After our Mental Wellbeing


  1. Ayrshire Service Delivery Updates 27 03 20
  2. Communications – Information for children and young people
  3. Framework for supporting gypsy travellers
  4. ScotGov Links to Guidance sent to Child Health Commissioners
  5. National Clinical Guidance for Nursing and AHP Community Health Staff
  6. Advice for Health Professionals 
  7. Guidance for establishments to support all children and young people during the COVID-19
  8. Cyber Resilience Notice for issue 6 5 May 20 
  9. COVID19 and Modern Slavery Flyer
  10. Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Rapid Read
  11. Safer Communities COVID Document
  12. Special Issue YOUNG and Covid-19 April 2020

Domestic Abuse

  1. Domestic Abuse and Self Isolation – NHS AA

General information

  1. Care of the deceased key points
  2. North Ayrshire protecting people care information CODIV-19 emergency
  3. Protecting our communities across Ayrshire and Arran 
  4. Protecting people in East Ayrshire website
  5. Protecting people in East Ayrshire leaflet
  6. NHS Ayrshire & Arran – Keeping Well during COVID-19