lead professional

Module Three

lead professional

When a wellbeing assessment has identified that a child/young person has a wellbeing need that can only be met by a targeted intervention a lead professional will be appointed to co-ordinate the Child/Young Person’s Plan, known as ‘My Plan’.

The lead professional can come from any agency and will work closely with the child/young person’s named person. They should be the person who holds the most expertise at the time however a young person should be asked who they would like their lead professional to be. The lead professional should change as circumstances change to ensure it is always the most appropriate professional. If the child/young person is under compulsory measures of care i.e. Looked After or is on the Child Protection Register then the lead professional MUST be the child/young person’s social worker.

They act as the main point of contact for children, young people, practitioners and family members ensuring effective working and communication between agencies and the child/young person and their family.

The lead professional needs to ensure that the concerns and views of children and young people are listened to and that the family (where appropriate) is kept informed.

The lead professional is responsible for co-ordinating the completion of a Child/Young Person’s Plan (‘My Plan’) for the child/young person. They ensure that everyone contributes appropriately and proportionately and that there is a multi-agency plan involving those required to provide the necessary support. They take responsibility for ensuring the plan is reviewed as required.

The lead professional ensures appropriate information is shared and supports the child/young person at transition points.



If a lead professional is co-ordinating the Child/Young Person’s Plan (‘My Plan’) their details should be included in the child/young person’s record on AYRshare. The named person and/or lead professional have responsibility for proportionate and appropriate information sharing.