named person

Module Two: named person

named person

Every child has a named person from the Universal Services of Health or Education.

The role of the named person is to promote, support and safeguard the wellbeing of children and young people. They are the central point of contact if the child, young person or their parents want information or advice or if they want to discuss any worries and seek support. The named person uses the GIRFEC practice model to carry out a wellbeing assessment and contacts all relevant agencies for information and assistance as required. This is the person you contact if you have concerns about the wellbeing of a child or young person. If you are concerned about significant risk to a child or young person you should follow your child protection procedures.


From birth until the child enters Primary 1 it is the Health Visitor  or Family Nurse.




In primary school the Named Person is the Head Teacher or Depute Head Teacher.




In secondary school the named person is the Head Teacher, a Depute Head Teacher or a Guidance Teacher.

The role of the named person

The named person will be the single point of contact for the child/young person, parents, professionals and members of the community.

The named person ensures the views of the child/young person are sought, listened to and taken into account particularly when decisions affecting the child/young person are made. The named person also needs to help children, young people and families feel confident they can raise concerns and that their views will be listened to by all those involved.

The named person uses the GIRFEC Practice Model when considering any concerns and if required ensures a full assessment of risk and need is completed to determine if support should be provided from within their Universal Service or if a multi-agency plan is required.

When appropriate the named person keeps a Chronology of Significant Events for a child/young person. This is a brief summary of significant events in a child/young person’s life in date order and can be added to by other professionals involved with the child/young person.

Information should be shared with relevant agencies in a proportionate, appropriate & timely manner to assist with the assessment of a child/young person’s wellbeing.

The named person contributes to the single planning process and supports the child/young person at transition points to ensure effective transfer of information.

The named person will liaise with any lead professional who is appointed. They coordinate multi-agency support for the child/young person.



The named person details require to be added to every child/young person’s record on AYRshare so that anyone conducting a search for a child/young person who is on AYRshare can access the named person details and contact them to provide information on the child/young person or to request access to the child/young person’s record on AYRshare.