How it works

GIRFEC ensures children and young people get consistent and effective support for their wellbeing wherever they live or learn. Making good practice the national standard in Scotland.

This includes:

  • a description of how people working with children, young people and parents understand and consider a child or young person’s wellbeing;
  • making a named person available as a clear point of contact for children, young people and parents, who will provide advice, information, and support, and help to access other services if needed;
  • ensuring a lead professional coordinates the work of the Team with the Family, when appropriate;
  • every child/young Person that requires a plan has a Child/Young Person’s Plan (‘My Plan’) which supports the child/young person and their family by detailing what support is required to improve wellbeing outcomes. The plan is considered and developed in partnership with the child/young person, their parent(s)/carers and the Team with the Family;
  • all practitioners working with children, young people and families use the National Practice Model to assess children and young people in an appropriate, proportionate and timely manner;
  • and a single planning framework provides a consistent approach to planning, delivery and coordinated support. In Ayrshire, we have the GIRFEC wall planner to ensure that all practitioners are following the same GIRFEC processes.

While each of the local authority areas has implemented GIRFEC slightly differently dependent on local circumstances, partners across Ayrshire work closely together.

East Ayrshire Getting It Right for Every Child

North Ayrshire Getting It Right for Every Child

South Ayrshire Getting It Right for Every Child

Getting it right across Scotland

Services and community organisations across Scotland already use the GIRFEC approach to ensure the way they support children, young people and their parents is consistent and effective.

The GIRFEC approach is not new and has grown over a number of years from the practice of health and education professionals, and feedback from the children and families they support.

The Ayrshire Child/Young Person wall planner can be accessed here.

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